Czech Juniorchampion
Slovak Juniorchampion
Austrian Juniorchampion
Czech champion
Champion of ČMKU
Slovak champion
German VDH Champion
Austrian champion
Club Champion BK ČR
Club Champion KCHH
Inter. Champion of beauty C.I.B.
Inter. Champion of shows C.I.E.

Junior Club Winner 2014 (KCHH-CZ)
Club Winner 2014 (BHC-D)
Club Winner 2015 (BK-CZ)
Club Winner 2015 (BHC-D)
Club Winner 2015 (ÖBLC-A)
Club Winner 2016 (BHC-D)
Club Winner 2018 (KCHH-CZ)
Winner of club show (KCHH-CZ)
Leipzig & German Winner 2016
European winner 2016, Brussels
Winner Brussels 2016
Benelux Winner 2016 Specialty show winner 2018 (BK CZ)
National Winner CZ 2015 and 2016
19x BOB, 3x BOJ
2x Cruft's 2015 qualification
Cruft's 2016 & 2017 qualification
Best working BH at Amsterdam winner '15

BIS Baby at CS 2013 (KCHH-CZ)
2x Junior BIS at Club shows 2014 (KCHH-CZ)
Supreme BIS at Club show 2014 (KCHH-CZ)
BIS Clubsieger schau 2014 (BHC-D)
BIS at Club show 2015 (BK ČR)
BIS Clubsieger schau 2015 (BHC-D)
BIS Clubsieger schau 2016 (BHC-D)

Exc.2nd in at WDS Helsinki 2014
Exc.4th in at WDS Milano 2015
Exc.2nd in at WDS Amsterdam 2018
Exc.2nd in at EDS Warsaw 2018

Champion cl. winner - Very Special Show, Denmark '17

BEST IN GROUP - IDS Bratislava 4.10.2014
BEST IN GROUP - IDS Bratislava 5.10.2014
JuniorBIG - IDS Bratislava 5.10.2014
3rd BEST IN GROUP - IDS Nitra 10.1.2015
3rd BEST IN GROUP - IDS Brno 27.6.2015
3rd BEST IN GROUP - IDS Tulln 27.9.2015
5th BEST IN GROUP - NDS Brno 9.1.2016
3rd BEST IN GROUP - IDS Leipzig 20.8.2016
2nd BEST IN GROUP - IDS KRAKOW 18.6.2017
BIS of honour classes - 4.2.2018 IDS BRNO

Hunting trial - 1st merit, rCACT

Show cup '15 & '16 winner in Basset Club CZ

10.8.2018 - WDSAmsterdam - Exc.2 in working class, judge: P.Sunebring

basset hound
2.6.2018 Club Show KCHH Tábor, judge: G.Schäfer, Germany
Feebee Bohemia Gorgony - BOB and her sire Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido - BOS

basset hound
4.2.2018 DUOCACIB Brno - BIS of honour classes, judge: Jean-Calude Klein (FR). Thank you!

basset hound 1.7.2017 - Very Special Show in Denmark, judge: Anna Reis (PL) - Exc.1, Certificate quality, 4th Best male

basset hound basset hound
18.6.2017 CACIB KRAKOW, PL - Exc.1 CWC, CACIB, BOB, resBEST IN GROUP (P.Stanton, S)

basset hound
3.6.2017 Specialty show KCHH, Knížecí Rybník - Exc.1 CAC (R.Favre, FR)

basset hound

basset hound
18.9.2016 Club show BHC Haid, Germany - Exc.1, VDH, CAC BHC, Club winner, BOB, BEST IN SHOW | judges: P.Stracke, B.Seibel
Thanks to Waldelfen kennel for the photo!

26.8.2016 European winner 2016 from Brussels CALVIN KLEIN BOHEMIA HORRIDO

EW Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido, Judge: J-P. Achtergael, B

Successfuul show weekend in Leipzig 20.-21.8.2016 - 2x VDH, 2x CACIB, 2x BOB and 3rd BIG
Kevin is now also qualified for German VDH Champion!

Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido became BOB winner both days under Philis Poduschka-Aigner (left) and Gerda Kastl (right).

CACIB Nitra 11.6.2016 Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, shortlisted in BIG | judge: H.Ahrens, A
Kevin became Slovak champion.

basset hound
NDS Brno 9.1.2016 - Exc.1, CAC, National winner, BOB and 5th BIG | judge: V.Staviarska, SK

basset hound
Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido "Kevin" - The Best working basset hound at Amsterdam winner show 2015
Judge: Diana Spavin, UK
basset hound basset hound
2,5 years

basset hound
The Best female and The Best male of austrian club show: Swede Suns Adette (BOS) and Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido (BOB)
Many thanks to kennel Funny Hunters for the photo.

basset hound Clubsieger schau BHC
13.9.2015 Clubsieger schau BHC Selingenporten, Germany
Exc.1, VDH Anwartschaft, CAC, Clubsieger, BOB, BEST IN SHOW / judge: D.Witkowska, PL / Photo: Sylvia Werner

basset hound
27.6.2015 IDS Brno - Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido - Exc.1 CAC, CACIB, BOB, BIG 3rd /T.Havelka, J.Smojver-Slimovic/

basset hound
11.6.2015 WDS Milano - Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido - Exc.4 out of 16 males in open class /B.Müller, CH/

basset hound
30.5.2015 - Club show Basset klub ČR Konopiště - CAC, Club winner, BOB, BEST IN SHOW /P.Sanders, NL/

Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido 9.5.2015 - Specialty show KCHH Tábor - CAC in winners class /Claudia Orlandi, USA - CHS Topsfield/

Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido 3.1.2015 - NDS Brno - CAC, National Winner, BOB /P.Řehánek/

Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido Kevin's succesfull year 2014!

Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido 5.10.2014 - DUODANUBE Bratislava - Exc.1, CAJC, Cruft's 2015 qual., BOB, Junior BIG, BEST IN GROUP
/W.Burski, G.Ridarčíková, V.Piskay/

Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido 4.10.2014 - DUODANUBE Bratislava - Exc.1, CAJC, BOB, BEST IN GROUP
/Lokodi Csaba Zsolt, G.Ridarčíková/

Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido 27.9.2014 - IDS Tulln - Exc.1, Jugendbester, Crufts 2015 qualification, BOB /H.Ahrens/
31.8.2014 CS BHC Deutschland - Exc.1, VDH Anwartschaft, CAC, Club Winner, BOB, BIS, judge: K.Wenzel (D)
Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido Calvin Klein Bohemia Horrido
Kevin with his challenge trophies from german club show 2014.

30.8.2014 IDS Mladá Boleslav - Exc.1 CAC, CACIB, on the left: CACIB bitch + BOB Odeta Lady Barnett's, judge: L.Frnčová (CZ)

WDS Helsinki 9.8.2014 - Exc.2 in junior class

2x CAJC, 2x Junior Club Winner, 2x BOJ, 2x BOS, 2x Junior BIS, SUPREME BEST IN SHOW - Club show KCHH Tábor 7.-8.6.2014
Judges: Phil Freer (UK, kennel Switherland), Marita Rodgers (UK, kennel Montravia), F.Šimek and B.Ovesná

6 months

VP 1st, BIS BABY - Club show KCHH Tábor 15.9.2013, Judge: Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner (A)

9 weeks

7 weeks

6 weeks

4 weeks

4 weeks with brother Captain Jack

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